Bernie LaBarge

Bernie LaBarge


Born in Ottawa, Canada in 1953, Bernie LaBarge started playing guitar at age 11. During the 1970s he was the front man and/or guitarist for many popular Canadian bands (Bond, Rain, Sweet Blindness, Zwol, Stem, Stingaree, The Dexters). 
Bernie released a single entitled “Dream Away” (WEA) in 1981. It still receives strong AOR airplay to this day. It was produced by budding producer Daniel Lanois, and features Bernie on guitar, vocals, and electric piano, world-renowned producer / songwriter Jim Vallance on drums, and Red Rider / Tom Cochrane / Ocean / Stingaree bassist Jeff Jones.

     Bernie was nominated for Most Promising Male Vocalist at the 1984 Juno Awards for his album entitled “Barging In” (Sony). That album has recently been remastered and retitled Barging In REDUX, available everywhere. He has released records on Warner Bros., Sony, BMG, and various independent labels. His first original recording was “Catwalk”, recorded by Rain in 1972 and released on Axe Records. Bernie has also been a sideman on over 100 recordings.

Bernie’s worked with Kim Mitchell, Long John Baldry, David Clayton-Thomas, The Shakers, Walter Zwol, Cassandra Vasik, The Irish Rovers, Doug Riley, Frank Biner of Tower of Power, John Sebastian, David Cassidy, Joel Feeney, and Sass Jordan, among many others. Bernie and world-renowned producer Jack Richardson spent many years working together. “Jack was like a father and a big brother to me”, says Bernie. “I learned so much from him, and he let me grow as a session musician. There will never be another Jack.”

Bernie composed and performed on many North American and Worldwide jingles i.e. Coke, Pepsi, GM, Ford, and Nissan, and he played guitar on Jim Henson’s popular Fraggle Rock TV series (1983-87), Smith & Smith (1979-85), Danger Bay (1985 – 1989) on CBC, and Party With The Rovers (1983-86) on Global Television. He won the Canadian Songwriting Contest in 1986 (Best R&B Song category). His single “Dream Away” (produced by Daniel Lanois) was one of the most-played songs of 1981. Bernie is the guitarist on the world-syndicated Doodlebops show, too.

Many top Canadian and International performers have covered his songs. Currently Toronto-based, Bernie is the lead guitarist for The Dexters and Danny B and the R&B All-Stars . In November 2014 The Dexters completed their twentieth anniversary at The Orbit Room with a farewell performance. Bernie has the distinction of having played at The Orbit Room more times than anyone in its history… more than 1000 appearances, which will be a tough record to break!

Band Members


The Underground Taxi Service
Gary Connors, Gary Goodwin, Dave Street, Herbie Burnside, Carl Noble, Mike Standing, Bernie LaBarge

The Royal Banke
Dave Clewer, Roger Gabsewicz, Johnnie Johnson, Dave Thrasher, Chuck Damjanovic, Bernie LaBarge

Bernie LaBarge, Johnnie Johnson, Dave Aldham, Phil Greason, Garry Brown, Ron Anderson (road manager)

Stem (V2)
Bernie LaBarge, Brian LeBlanc, Bill Dillon, Richard Best

Charlie Hall, Phyllis Boltz (Charity Brown), Brian LeBlanc, Chris Woroch, Bernie LaBarge

The JAX ‘N Lynda
Lynda Layne (Gorges), Frank Pollard, Bob Gray, Bernie LaBarge

Blue-Eyed Brotherhood
George Olliver, Bernie LaBarge, Sharon Hicks, Butch Walker, Paul Skoreyko, Benoit Perrault, Glenn Higgins, Almeda Lattimore, Gail Berry, Graham Greene (road manager)

Hot Dog
Bernie LaBarge, John Aleksa, Fred Leighton, Dave Aldham, Glenn Higgins, Dave Buckley

Bernie LaBarge, Howie McLean, Mark Blacher, Larry Hamel

Bernie LaBarge, Jeff Jones, Brian MacLeod, Skip Layton, Larry Hamel, Don Harriss

Bernie LaBarge, Bill Dunn, Colin Walker, Ted Trenholm

Sweet Blindness
Bobby Dupont, Grant Slater, Ed White, Bruce Barrow, Bernie LaBarge, Nat Abraham

Kearney, King, McBride & LaBarge 

Christopher Kearney, Bill King, Danny McBride, Bernie LaBarge, Gene Falbo, Gord Neave, Jim Vallance, Kevan MacKenzie, Paul DeLong

The Irish Rovers
Will Millar, George Millar, Joe Millar, Wilcil McDowell, Jimmy Ferguson, Bernie LaBarge, Kevin McKeown

Mind Over Matter
Bernie LaBarge, Grant Slater, Paul DeLong, Gene Falbo

Danny B Blues Band
Danny Balaka, Phil Woodard, Bernie LaBarge, Steve Kennedy, Pentti (Whitey) Glan, Peter Cardinali, Doug Riley

Cassandra Vasik
Gene Falbo, Dan Howlett, Bernie LaBarge, Cassandra Vasik, Stefan Szczesniak, Don Rooke, Randall Coryell

The Dexters
Lou Pomanti, Bernie LaBarge, Mike Sloski, Peter Cardinali, Greg Critchley, Jorn Andersen, Mark Kelso, Kevan MacKenzie, Larnell Lewis

Off The Record
Bernie LaBarge, Russ Boswell, Terry Hatty, Greg Critchley, Bill McCauley, Grant Slater, Rob Gusevs, Neil Donell, Charlie Cooley, Mike Pellarin, Paul DeLong

The Incontinentals
Katalin Kiss, Brent Barkman, Gene Falbo, Jim Casson, Bernie LaBarge

The Stickmen
Brent Barkman, Gene Falbo, Jim Casson, Bernie LaBarge

David Clayton-Thomas

Bruce Cassidy, Vern Dorge, Jason Logue, Michael Stuart, Russ Little, Larry Shields, George Koller, Paul DeLong, Bernie LaBarge, Lou Pomanti, Steve Hunter, Grant Slater, Rob Gusevs, Howard Ayee, Doug Gibson, Brigham Phillips

John Finley, Alan Gerber, Danny Weis, Michael Fonfara, Peter Hodgson, Bernie LaBarge, Mike Sloski


A Brief History of Bernie LaBarge

The Canadian music scene of the latter half of the 20th century is fascinating; an industry partially lost to time, at least when compared to our contemporaries south of the border or across the pond. It was filled with thousands of artists who released thousands of singles and albums, in a number of genres, over the decades in question. Surprisingly, this period spawned few lasting mainstream artists, when again, comparing to our contemporaries, we were dwarfed by sheer size, organization and influence. Our own radio listeners and record buyers often opted for records by US and UK artists; this is clearly reflected on our music charts of the time).

Like our rivals abroad, we had a number of “fixers” in the music industry. Known as session musicians, they were often hired for their technical skill, accuracy, knowledge of music theory, and sight-reading abilities. Efficiency was sought and these musicians always delivered, both in the studio and live. Many of these musicians have recorded for decades, adding their personal flavour to hundreds, if not thousands of records. Bernie LaBarge is no exception.

Bernie was born in Ottawa, Ontario on March 11, 1953. His family moved to Burlington when he was 5 years old and as he grew up, he was quickly thrust into a vast musical world at home (show tunes to Motown and everything in between). He began playing guitar at age 11, and his parents tried to set him up with lessons but these weren’t for him. He, like many young would-be musicians, became obsessed with the sounds of the British Invasion (then currently exploding all over the world), and through sheer passion and tenacity learned to play guitar by ear.

The next phase in Bernie’s musical maturing came when local musicians began to capture his imagination (namely Domenic Troiano’s work with The Mandala). The burgeoning scene in Toronto was like a magnet to the young musician, and he quickly set his sights on the bright lights of the city. He began playing professionally in 1967 as a guitarist and frontman, joining his first basement band, The Underground Taxi Service. He joined two more bands (The Royal Banke in 1968 and Stem in 1969) before moving onto his first notable group, Rain. Taxi Service

Bernie was not a founding member of Rain, but rather replaced guitarist Bill McLaughlin. After securing a solid lineup (with Bernie as vocalist/guitarist), the group began recording some new material and hitting the club scene around Toronto to build a reputation. This material they were recording is notable for featuring Bernie’s first original composition “Catwalk” (Axe Records). Released shortly after, the single didn’t fare too well on the charts, and the band ended up splitting by that fall.

Throughout the mid 70’s to early 80’s, Bernie would form or join a number of notable Canadian groups, where he was frontman, guitarist, or both. These groups included George Olliver’s Blue Eyed Brotherhood in ‘74, Stingaree in 76-77, Bond in 78-79, Sweet Blindness in ‘79, Zwol in 1980 and Kearney-King-McBride & LaBarge in 1981 (ultimately recording). Though they played different styles/genres, one thing these groups had in common was masterful musicianship amongst the members, buoyed by Bernie, who shone brightly no matter his musical company.

In 1981, after the conclusion of “Kearney-King-McBride & LaBarge”, Bernie grew restless and, mostly spurred on by his admiration of the decision made by Steely Dan to stop touring and focus on the studio, he attempted that. He mostly focused on his own solo career while still doing record sessions and jingles. He would release his first solo single Dream Away (WEA) (produced by Daniel Lanois) in late 1981 to good success; it still receives airplay today. Bernie continued to write for himself and others, finally landing a contract with Sony Records to record Barging In, his debut LP. That album earned him the Canadian Juno Award nomination in 1984 for Most Promising Male Vocalist, a feat that shocked LaBarge, who himself had no concept of even being nominated.

The career highlights didn’t stop here; he had begun working with the Irish Rovers a year prior in 1983 and would record and tour with them until 1990. He formed his own Mind Over Matter band in 1987. He has toured and recorded with big names such as David Clayton-Thomas, Rhinoceros, Cassandra Vasik, The Dexters, and many more over the following decades. He has been blessed with a talent that many cherish and has enjoyed notoriety as one of Canada’s most revered and sought-after session guitarists/vocalists for most of his career. The world is lucky to have him and awaits his next musical adventure.


Written & Researched By: Aaron Lusch

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    Bernie's Bands

    If anyone is interested in how I became an "overnight sensation", I thought I'd jot down the bands I played in over the years. These are all full-time bands. I have purposely not included any bands in which I have subbed. I hope I haven't forgotten any, and the years are approximate...

    • 1967 - The Underground Taxi Service
    • 1968 - 1969 The Royal Banke
    • 1969 - 1972 Stem
    • 1972 - 1973 Rain
    • 1973 - 1974 The Jax 'n Lynda
    • 1974 - George Olliver's Blue-Eyed Brotherhood
    • 1974 - 1975 Hot Dog
    • 1975 - 1976 Whizz
    • 1976 - 1977 Stingaree
    • 1978 - 1979 Bond
    • 1979 - Sweet Blindness
    • 1980 - Zwol
    • 1980 - 1981 Kearney, King, McBride & LaBarge
    • 1983 - 1991 The Irish Rovers
    • 1987 - Mind Over Matter
    • 1989 - 1996 The Danny B Blues Band
    • 1992 - 1994 Cassandra Vasik
    • 1994 - 2014 The Dexters
    • 1999 - 2002 Off The Record
    • 2002 - The Incontinentals
    • 2002 - 2006 The Stickmen
    • 2005 - 2010 David Clayton-Thomas
    • 2009 - Rhinoceros

    Gone But Not Forgotten

    I've been blessed with wonderful friends, acquaintances, influences, and relatives throughout my life...most of whom have made an indelible impression on who I am today. This list is by no means complete, in no particular order, and by no means is it over. Time marches on.

    Danny Hourigan, Father Warren, Bill Anderson, David Lodge, Derek Meredith Sr., Brian MacLeod, Bill McCauley, Donnie Troiano, Terry MacKay, Sean Flood, Mike Konn, Tommy Houston, Jimmy Begg, Bob Aird, My Dad, Aunt Rita Mulvihill, Uncle John Mulvihill, Don Gillis, Bert Hermiston, Jim Henson, Tom Campbell, Sheila Henderson, John Hanna, Brian Ayres, Bob McBride, Earl Seymour, Bob Price, Jimmy Ferguson, Karl Riedl, David Pritchard, Dave Killingbeck, George Breithaupt, Jim Ainslie, Long John Baldry, Bobb Dyer, Marilyn Casson, Richard Newell, Father James Mihm, Denny Doherty, David Norris-Elye, Rod Phillips, Richard Bell, Doug Riley, Brian Baird, Jeff Healey, Betsy Millar, Greg Johnston, Greg Adams, Paul Thrasher, my cousin John Mulvihill, Mac MacArthur, Paul Naumann, John Cleveland Hughes, Craig (Cub) Richardson, Hugh Graham, Wade Brown, John Lowrey, Jack Richardson, Phil Greason, Chuck Damjanovic, Jerry Nelson, Eugene Amaro, Bobby Dupont, Jan Greene, Vicki Szepesi, Bernie Johnson, Joe Mavety, Alex MacDougall, Reggie Bovaird, Mike Jones, Bob Borland, Rod McFadzean, Frank Kitching, Marian Anderson, John Cleveland Hughes, Jimmy Young, Johnny Lovesin, Bernie Sandor, Pentti (Whitey) Glan, Kelly Jay Fordham, Rick Kirkwood, Fran Fletcher, Sean Flood, Skip Prokop, Ron Garant, John Hamilton, Nancy Barker, Tom Stainer, Freddie Keeler, Mike Dowson, Scott Cushnie, Mike Jones, Shirlie Richardson, Larry Hamel, Brad Campbell, Aunt Marj Johnston, Dana Fazi, Peter Ivakitsch, Mike Standing, Gwen Edick, Gery Puley, Jay Jackson, Bette-Anne Tatum, Doug Chappell, Sue Upton, Larry Green, Michael Fonfara, Debbie Kariatsumari, Bob Lanois, Mickey Erbe, Joey Miquelon, Tim Thorney, Paul Dwyer, Bev Crompton, Dick Syncona Smith, Uli Bohnet, Jerry Doucette, Joanna Johnson, Kenny McKay, Johnny Pettit, cousin Mike Mulvihill, Jack Zaza, Raphael (Raff) Jimenez, Johnny Johnson, Glenn Higgins, Barry Wadman, Greg Brown, Shirley Eikhard, Guido Basso, Phil Balsam, Johnny Brouwers, Bob Segarini, Mark La Forme, Mary-Lu Zahalan, John Alexander, Bill Orr, Chris Carnall, Ronnie King, Robin McMillan